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React Native Authentication

Authenticating a user in React Native

Check React Native applications implementing user authentication

There are multiple ways of authenticating, a user from basic authentication to dynamic token generation authentication mechanisms

Facebook Login in React Native app

Facebook Login can be integrated in react native using react-native-fbsdk to provide login functionality to application users via their Facebook account

Platform: Android & iOS


Check React Native app with Facebook login

Google Sign-in in React Native app

Sign-in with Google feature can be integrated into a React Native application using @react-native-community/google-signin package

Platform: Android & iOS


Check React Native app with Google sign-in

Basic Authentication

Basic Authentication is when raw(or with basic encoding) username and password is sent to the server, typically in its body

Platform: Android & iOS


Check Bottom Navigation application

Jwt Authentication

JWT is short for Json Web Token, which is a quite popular implementation of authentication

A Json Web Token is a Json string sent from a server to a client(such as mobile app) typically after user login

Platform: Android & iOS


Check Curved Navigation application


Server Authentication using React Native

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