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React Native Applications

Here are some example Android/iOS applications made using React Native depicting some features which are integrated into an application for a number of use-cases

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React Native Apps

Alert Dialog

Prompt a user with alert message, similar to a pop-up

Platform: Android & iOS

Check Alert Dialog Application

Basic Authentication

Basic Authentication is when raw(or with basic encoding) username and password is sent to the server, typically in its body

Platform: Android & iOS


Check Basic Authentication application

Blur Background

In React Native a BlurView component can be used to blur an image which requires @react-native-community/blur as dependency of an application

Platform: Android & iOS


Check Blur Background Application


Using connectivity package, React Native Apps can discover network connectivity and configure themselves accordingly

It also distinguishes whether connection is cellular or WiFi connection type

Platform: Android & iOS


Check Network Connectivity application code

Device Location

Latitude Longitude of Current Location of Device can be retrieved in react native using Geolocation.watchPosition() method of react-native-geolocation-service package

It can also be used to listen to location change events

Platform: Android & iOS


Check React Native Device Location application code

Expandable List

An expandable list responds to user gesture by expanding and shrinking its size, typically to show and hide a sublist

Platform: Android & iOS

Check Expandable List Application example code

Facebook Login in React Native app

Facebook Login can be integrated in react native using react-native-fbsdk to provide login functionality to application users via their Facebook account

Platform: Android & iOS


Check React Native app with Facebook login

File Picker Application

An external package can be used to enable reading files from an Android or iOS device

Platform: Android & iOS

Check React Native File Picker Application

Floating Action Button

A floating action button (FAB) is a circular button that typically triggers a general functionaity or the primary action in an app's UI

Platform: Android & iOS


Check Floating Action Button

Google Sign-in in React Native app

Sign-in with Google feature can be integrated into a React Native application using @react-native-community/google-signin package

Platform: Android & iOS


Check React Native app with Google sign-in

Image Picker

An external React Native package can be used to facilitate image uploads from an Android or iOS device

Platform: Android & iOS


Check React Native Image Picker Application

Jwt Authentication

JWT is short for Json Web Token, which is a quite popular implementation of authentication

A Json Web Token is a Json string sent from a server to a client(such as mobile app) typically after user login

Platform: Android & iOS

Check Curved Navigation application

Local Database - SQFlite

SQFlite is a plugin used in React Native to perform database operations for both Andoid and IOS apps

Platform: Android & iOS


Check React Native Local Database Application code

Local Storage

An application might require local storage to store information about user's activity and/or profile

Platform: Android & iOS

Check React Native Json Storage application code

Navigation Drawer

A navigation drawer is a UI panel which displays a menu typically containing the primary navigation options for an application

The drawer is hidden by default and appears when a user touches any visible drawer icon or through a gesture like swipe

Platform: Android & iOS


Check Navigation Drawer application

Overlay Loading Screen

An overlay loading screen displays a progress indicator (also called modal progress HUD or head up display), which typicallysignifies that the app is loading or performing some work

Platform: Android & iOS


Check Application with Overlay Loading Screen

Passing data between screens

There are multiple ways of passing data between screens like using props of components and implementing local storage

Platform: Android & iOS

Check Viewpager Application example code

Radio Button Group

Radio Buttons are graphical round shape elements which allow to select items

Radio Button group enables to select one item from a group of multiple radio buttons

Platform: Android & iOS

Check React Native Searchable Dropdown Application

Rest Api

Check provided React Native application which makes a Rest Api call and displays some data retrieved as response

Platform: Android & iOS


Check React Native Rest Api application code

Searchable Dropdown

A Searchable dropdown provides options which can be selected and an input field to search and narrow down the options

Platform: Android & iOS


Check React Native Searchable Dropdown Application


Tabs allow to group content according to some criteria which can be a factor for smooth user experience

Platform: Android & iOS

Check Tabs Application


A Viewpager allows to view the pages of an application by scrolling horizontally or vertically

Platform: Android & iOS


Check Viewpager Application example code