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React Native User Interface

User Interface in React Native is kind of centralised on the idea of Views (React.Component)

In Android and iOS development, a view is the basic building block of UI: a small rectangular element on the screen which can be used to display text, images, or respond to user input

Small visual elements of an app, like a line of text or a button, are also kinds of views

Some kinds of views can contain other views

Basic components

React Native comes with a suite of basic components, of which the following are commonly used:

Ui Applications

Following are some Ui related applications

Alert Dialog

Prompt a user with alert message, similar to a pop-up

Platform: Android & iOS


Check Alert Dialog Application

Floating Action Button

A floating action button (FAB) is a circular button that typically triggers a general functionaity or the primary action in an app's UI

Platform: Android & iOS


Check Floating Action Button

Blur Background

In React Native a BlurView component can be used to blur an image which requires @react-native-community/blur as dependency of an application

Platform: Android & iOS


Check Blur Background Application

Expandable List

An expandable list responds to user gesture by expanding and shrinking its size, typically to show and hide a sublist

Platform: Android & iOS


Check Expandable List Application example code

Overlay Loading Screen

An overlay loading screen displays a progress indicator (also called modal progress HUD or head up display), which typicallysignifies that the app is loading or performing some work

Platform: Android & iOS



Check Application with Overlay Loading Screen


Design Button

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